1. CBD is short for Cannabidiol

2. This Natural compound can be found in hemp plants, oranges and marijuana

3. There is plenty of research and evidence to suggest that this natural compound CBD can help treat seizures, pain and other health ailments

1.CBD can be used as a single ingredient or used in conjunction with many ingredients and given in product.

2. CBD can be taken in many forms such as vape cartridges we breath in,  added to your food, applied topically like creams, and a very effective way of using tinctures that are applied under the tongue.

1.    CBD does not have any physco affects

2.    The substance in marijuana that makes you high is called CBD

3.    CBD has an physiological effect meaning and affect of your body

1.    CBD products by its self are not addictive.  The effect CBD has is on the body

CBD product may also have THC.  While this doesn’t mean it is addictive still knowing and getting your CBD from a trusted source make a difference

1.    CBD is now legal in all 50 states

2.    Updated farm bill was passed by congress Dec 2018

1.    Scientist have taken notice of the benefits CDB has epilepsy

2.    The FDA has approved CBD bases drug to fight Lennox- Gastaut syndrome and Dravetm syndrome

1.    Scientist are working to see if CBD can help with arthritis, multiple sclerosis induced muscle spasms and neuropathy also known as nerve pain

2.    More research is needed

1.    There is a tremendous amount of evidence to show CBD might help with inflammation especially when related to MS, Diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimer’s

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